April Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping – Fontana Coffee Roasters
April Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping

April Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping

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The April Trio Sale has arrived. If you've ordered the trio the last two rounds then you'll recognize the Kenyan and the Costa Rican which were both fan favorites. We've also pulled a special coffee that we haven't roasted as a single origin for a while, Sumatra Mandheling. Heralding from Indonesia, this coffee exhibits low acidity, a full body, and clean earthy notes. Try them each alone, or mix up your own blend to make a truly unique cup of coffee.

Each bag is one pound and will be roasted and shipped starting Monday, April 1st.

Kenya Natural - Endebess Estate

Cupping notes: Jammy, with notes of blueberry, cherry and dessert wine. Round body.

Sumatra Mandheling

Cupping notes: Herbal, chocolate, clean earthy, woody, spicy

Costa Rica - Sonora Honey Natural

Cupping notes: Fruity, sweet and delicate, with a winey acidity and notes of cherry, chocolate, hazelnut and baking spice.