May Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping – Fontana Coffee Roasters
May Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping

May Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping

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The May Trio has arrived, and this is the final roast of the Kenyan micro-lot. The Guatemalan has been a mainstay, and coupled with our new Costa Rican rounds out most of our Central American offerings for the Spring.

Each bag is one pound and will be roasted and shipped starting Monday, April 1st.

Kenya Natural - Endebess Estate

Cupping notes: Jammy, with notes of blueberry, cherry and dessert wine. Round body.

Guatemala - Huehuetenango

Cupping notes: Fruity, orange, milk chocolate, maple

Costa Rica -Tarrazú Don Roberto

Cup characteristics: Sweet and balanced, with a creamy body, bright acidity and notes of milk chocolate and citrus.