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Summer Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping

Summer Trio Sale w/ Free Shipping

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The summer is officially upon us and we have some delicious coffees picked especially with cold brew in mind. Our newest coffee comes from the Oromia region of Ethiopia and is a beautiful, naturally fermented "longberry." Our next coffee comes from Huehuetenango and has been a staple in our shop for the past year. Finally, making a return from a previous Trio is a Costa Rican blend of honey and naturally processed coffees from Hacienda Sonora. Bags are 1lb each, shipping is included, and remember to select your grind if you prefer it instead of whole bean.


Ethiopia Harrar - Natural

Naturally fermented, this coffee exhibits polarizing fruit flavors that are best exemplified at lighter roasts.

Flavor notes include blueberry and wine.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

This robust, medium-roasted cup offers a smooth finish while exhibiting a full body. Flavor notes include caramel and apricot.

Costa Rica Sonora - Honey Natural

A blend of honey processed & naturally processed coffees from the same farm.

Flavor notes include cherry, chocolate, and hazelnut