In a continued effort to share a little caffeine with our recently storm-afflicted neighbors, (thanks again to Tiger Orchid Coffee Company) we have contributed to the East Spring Branch Food Pantry. Located less than two miles from our roastery, the patrons of this food pantry were undoubtedly affected by Hurricane Harvey, and depend on even more assistance right now than they may have under normal circumstances. It was definitely an eye-opener when Mary White, a volunteer, described coffee at a food pantry as a "luxury." It opens your eyes to how lucky we are to have access to products we could easily take for granted. Not only are they providing to those in need, they do it in a way that maintains their dignity. Like in a regular grocery store, their guests walk down aisles, choose their products, and truly re-gain their sense of community.  Thank you again to the East Spring Branch Food Pantry for the love and generosity you show for our community. You can make donations to their cause by donating food products, or by making a cash donation on their website.

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